Erin Sees Grado

Grado is a small, touristic beach town in the North of Italy. Visiting the town for the first time in 2013, I stumbled across these scenes and began to photograph the people with my little $5 Olympus point and shoot camera. I returned to the town multiple times over the years, now using my digital camera and continue to photograph the characters that rule the beaches there.


Curious about the land forbidden to US citizens such as myself, I entered into Cuba in 2015 and caught a brief glimpse of daily life there.

South Korean Street Food

various street food markets in South Korea. although having been vegetarian at the time, I still wanted to experience all of the flavors of these foods even if I had no idea what they were.


My 2 month journey through northern India

The Elucidated Daze of Mr. Aad

Meet one of my favorite neighbors, Mr Aad "Handgranaat" (Hand Grenade). This is a short film, peeking into his daily life, as he shares his thoughts with me. Aad spends his time building things, fixing things, and helping everyone, while calmly puffing on his hand made, hand grenade pipe all throughout the day.

The Happy End

Welcome to The Happy End! A peculiar, little dive bar in Den Haag, NL, where I spent many nights getting to know the regulars.

Exit Here

a series about euphoric experiences

Transient Encounters

An ongoing diary about daily encounters.

Time Bombs

6 AM at the Time Warp Festival