About Me

Erin McKinney (Indiana, 1982) is a visual artist whose work focuses on the peculiar characters and situations she encounters in the world around her. She is fascinated by human behavior. Having moved long distances many times in her life, she started using the camera as a tool to capture and share her enthusiasm for the unusual world as she interacts with it. Her subjects range from quirky neighbors to wild party goers to strangers she meets on the streets.  By not only observing, but interacting with these strange and wonderful individuals, she invites us to explore along with her in the unknown.
Upon finishing her artistic studies at The FotoFactory in Amsterdam in 2012, she began working on assignments in The Netherlands, U.S.A., Italy, Russia, South Korea, Cuba, and India for various clients and publications, along with participating in numerous exhibitions. She is currently based in Italy where she is working on new projects, investigating the extensive elderly population in her city and on an audio visual piece exploring various dance cultures.

CV available upon request